How to reach jewelry clients post-pandemic

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published materials can help you reach jewelry clients post-pandemic
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The global Covid-19 crisis has had a dramatic effect on most businesses that haven’t been able to operate in the traditional way – including designers who want to reach jewelry clients post-pandemic.

Liza Borzaya reaches new clients in print post-pandemic
High-end jeweler Liza Borzaya showcases her work in print

Showcasing physical products, relying on impulse shopping and/or brand visibility through established high street showrooms has been put on hold.

As a result of extended lockdown restrictions, shopping and socializing habits have altered beyond the lifespan of the pandemic.

The other approach to promoting and strengthening a high value brand has been to present at established events. These are traditionally attended by VIP guests, buyers, collectors and ticket holders – as well as specialized media. Brands’ appetite for showcasing at events and for sponsoring them has spun a huge industry that will similarly have to adapt and scale down massively.

Trunk shows have been a successful way of building brand loyalty and acquiring/developing a personal engagement with regular patrons. Social distancing, however, has changed the networking landscape beyond recognition.

So how are high end brands and in particular high end jewelry brands adapting to the new reality? How can you reach jewelry clients post-pandemic, both new and old?

Storytelling is even more important in taxing times

Communication through great narrative, accompanied by seductive imagery, has always been key to successful promotion and ultimately sales.

Brands are adept at telling their story through websites and social media channels. But acquiring new followers, and especially followers who are not social media-savvy, remains a challenge. Converting social media followers to clients is not a given.

It follows that marketing methods need to be re-evaluated in the face of permanently altered trading conditions.

Photo by Imani Bahati

How do experienced marketers approach the challenge of reaching jewelry clients post-pandemic?

One answer is to go back to basics, i.e. deploy tested and proven methods of brand visibility and new client acquisition.

The enduring appeal of printed matter, whether in a sumptuous coffee table book format or a catalog is evident in people’s homes, offices, yachts, jets and at other venues such as hotels and exhibition spaces.

Books, in particular, offer targeted brand/product exposure to an engaged audience. They have the advantage of holding the attention span like no other media does. Their unlimited shelf life and countless views per copy translate in high potential and new client engagement.

Not to underestimate enhancing the existing client loyalty because a coffee table book is, of course, a beautiful object to treasure and add to a library collection. In short, it’s a great way to reach jewelry clients post-pandemic.

The universal appeal of the digital edition is based on instant search gratification and on being user-friendly.

Professional publishers would offer both options as a matter of course.

Capturing new clientele, rewarding existing brand patrons

It follows from the above that combining print and digital channels of promoting your brand narrative and imagery is a hybrid ideally suited to a post-pandemic world where networking and social/business interaction are severely curtailed/diminished.

Jewelry brands are particularly vulnerable to post-pandemic market conditions that have underscored the increasing obsolescence of retail outlets. While shopping has traditionally been an enjoyable and gratifying experience, high value items are seldom purchased on an impulse.

Jewelry is not a fashion accessory but an investment – in the gems, in the design, in the brand.

So, clients need to be “wooed and seduced” visually, but also by way of a convincing narrative.

Leafing through a luxury limited edition at a friend’s home/villa/yacht/jet/private island or at a 5 star resort bestows a unique peer validation on a brand. It strengthens the appeal of a jewelry piece by making a lasting impression – in a way that an Instagram post never can. In any event, social media promotion has the effect of cheapening a brand to some extent and undermining its exclusivity.

published materials can help you reach jewelry clients post-pandemic
Photo by Ella Jardim

How we can help you reach jewelry clients post-pandemic

BPS, as part of an international media group, has a proven record in producing expertly written narrative in the shape of:

  • Books
  • Digital content
  • Catalogs – physical and digital
  • Website (re)design
  • A combination of all of the above

We publish everything from super luxury editions to affordable promotional material to suit your budget and needs.

You can read more about our expertise in producing beautiful, ultra-lux branded editions here. For more information on any of the above, feel free to leave us a comment or get in touch.

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