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Our team of expert content creators have over 20 years of print and digital media experience.

From ghostwriting and editing services to full production, we can help you share your story.

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Medical & Research

We specialize in editing complex medical and other academic research for consumer publication.

Past clients include some of the world’s leading surgeons.

Memoirs & Biographies

We help tell your story, your way.

Our published project list includes biographies of household names from the British aristocracy, international sports stars, and A-list actors and musicians.

Branded Editions

We know the global luxury market like few others.

Completed projects include coffee table books on jewelry brands, architects and interior designers, and exclusive global tourism destinations.

Medical & Research

Publishing research can be a challenging process. In addition to peer-reviewed journals, private practitioners need to reach new audiences outside of their own, informed network.

Our team of experienced editors are experts at explaining and simplifying complex procedures. We have worked with some of the world’s leading exponents of elective procedures and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for our diligent and highly personalized approach.

We can tailor our work for either print or website publication and to academic or consumer outlets.

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How we can help:

  • Editing academic research for consumer audiences
  • Publish medical research via our established book series
  • Drafting marketing copy about your procedure or research
  • Proof-reading medical research
  • Line-and-copy editing for medical research
  • Structural editing for medical research
  • Image sourcing and production for research publications

Who we’ve worked with:

  • Professor Ivo Pitanguy (d.)
  • Dr Rod Rohrich
  • Dr Garth Fisher
  • Dr Daniel C. Baker
  • Mr Barry M. Jones MS FRCS
  • Dr Timothy Marten
  • …and many more

Memoirs & Biographies

Personal stories make compelling books. They can be a meaningful gift, a powerful way to share a message, or a tribute to someone or something you hold dear.

Self-publishing requires deep understanding of multiple skills – from editorial, to design, to trade knowledge and marketing.

Our team of industry professionals work with several subject-specific imprints of established, independent publishers. When we finish work on your project, it will be ready to sell on Amazon and in book stores – or to pitch to literary agents.

We help first time authors bridge the gap between self-publishing and mass market book production.

We accept projects at any stage: whether you just have an idea and source material, a rough draft, or a complete manuscript.

How we can help:

  • Full production of your story – from notes to printed copies
  • Ghostwriting personal memoirs
  • Transcribing personal memoirs
  • Editing personal memoirs
  • Structural editing
  • Line-and-copy editing
  • Proof-reading personal memoirs
  • Image sourcing and editing (cover imagery, graphic design, Photoshop)

Previously published projects:

  • Strictly Private for Public Exposure – personal memoirs of Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquis of Bath
  • Exit Writing – Dr Robert Goldwyn, M.D
  • Sunny Places for Shady People: Fear and Loathing Offshore – ‘Harry Morgan’
  • Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian – Brandon Hurst

Branded Editions

A compelling narrative is what makes your brand unique. Our tailored approach to telling it can make all the difference to reaching new clients.

We create custom content for brands. From coffee table books to image and video production, we have over 20 years of experience as expert storytellers.

Our custom-made branded books, in particular, make for exquisite gifts for influencers, loyal customers and prospective clients alike.

We guarantee publication of your brand's story in book, magazine or online format.

You own all the rights to any content we produce, so it can be used and reused however you like.

How we can help:

  • Tell us your story – we write it. From interviews to finished product, we provide an end-to-end publishing solution
  • Showcase your brand in a bespoke coffee table book
  • Multimedia content production: text, images & video
  • Luxury brand copywriting services
  • Coffee table book production
  • Branded video production
  • Branded image production
  • Re-usable content: you own copyright and licences

Brands we’ve worked with:

  • Travel & Hospitality: Four Seasons, Aman Resorts, Gstaad Palace
  • Jewelry & Fashion: Wallace Chan, Siegelson, Issey Miyake
  • Architecture, Interiors & Development: Jean Nouvel, Pierre Yves Rouchon, Sig Bergamin
  • Finance, Technology & Business: Allied Finance, Sovereign Group, Harcourt Development


I think you have captured the essence of our interior design practice and more.

I am very, very happy with your creative writing. Just perfect! Thank you so much!

Marcio Decker
Aspen Leaf Interiors

I am just thrilled with what your company wrote about Sea Life and surprised how quickly it was completed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Honestly, the writer’s impression was exactly what I was trying to convey.

Karina Ozment
Sea-Life Beach House

Thank you very much for all your work. It is an impressive publication.

I believe that it will be a success, especially among our colleagues: aesthetic surgeons.

Dr. Michel Pfulg
Founder/Medical Director
Laclinc Montreaux

I had terrific fun dictating a portion of this book to you and writing the rest based on your suggestions.

It’s been a hugely successful endeavour, with several serialisations, and I’d love to work with you on my next writing project.

Professor Laurence Kirwan
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Thank you for the great job editing, structuring,  and generally preparing my manuscript for publication.

We have excellent readers’ reviews.

‘Harry Morgan’
Sunny Places for Shady People

I want to thank you for all your help and effort in making it possible to have Bob’s last manuscript published.

Your foreword was beautiful, appropriate and meaningfully written.

Tatyana Goldwyn
for Dr. Robert Goldwyn (1930-2010)
Exit Writing

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